Saturday, May 19, 2007

More flowering plants

I neglected to mention that the reason my last entry was late was because the flowering trees pictured had actually bloomed a couple of weeks ago - I just didn't get them up. The flowers here, though, are from today - they're current flowers. I'm sure you tens of readers will appreciate that.
So: Here

and here:

are two horse chestnuts. They have different color flowers, as you can see. I took these from the car - pretty good, huh? They're on the east end of our street, Washington St., by the U of Michigan.

Here are some more flowering things from our yard.

I know this is kind of out of focus, but I wanted to show how the flowers are actually different colors. Some are more purple, some are more pink. Cool! Here's an in-focus, but not as close up, view.

This is a tree at our neighbor's house.
It's very cool. The leaves are sort of edged in pink, as below. I like that these very colorful trees grow here.

I have other pictures from our backyard, but for some reason blogger has pooped out on letting me put more photos in here - perhaps too many in this post. So will put those in another post, right away... because I'm sure people are DYING to see them.