Thursday, August 23, 2007

The poster photo for not mixing substances and driving

I'll get to the subject line in a second. First, though, this: my last post was on July 11. It's now like August 25 or so. Very patient, tens of readers. Nice waiting. It's been a little hectic, actually. I finally caught up on the administrative stuff (pretty much, kind of). This included working with *load* of fabulous people from the FYWP on restructuring our courses (visible in our revised wiki), I started an article on the dreadful ACT National Curriculum Survey, I did various other things. Then I got the comments back on the OMB, and I had to attend to those ... and go to the WPA conference, and do the day-to-day planning for ENGL 596 (which started last week), and go to Beaver Island, and, and, and, ... so, not that I'm complaining, but the end of the summer was INCREDIBLY busy.

But back to the subject at hand - the poster photo. Here is why you don't want to mix substances and driving:

In case you can't tell, that's a car. And it's stuck in that house, a house which is across the street from my house. Here's the deal: at 3am last Saturday morning, we heard a loud BANG! I thought it was thunder, but then I realized it wasn't raining. Looking out the window, I thought, "there's no driveway there." The fire trucks and cops arrived pretty shortly afterward, and the guy driving the car was eventually brought out by a cop (after he tried to deck that same cop). A closer examination of that self-same yard revealed that, in fact, the flowers were still standing up *behind* the car - in other words, it sailed over the lawn and into the house. Nice!

I'm pretty zombified at this point - I'm teaching all day, every day right now - so I won't even attempt to summarize all that's happened in the last month, much less where things stand at my current teaching institution right now. Suffice to say that the things we keep thinking of as the icing on the current situation cake just keep getting buried under more icing. The latest: our e-mail was out for SIX DAYS, from last Friday until this morning. Oy. I will say this: it's very fun and terrific to be back in the classroom with the knowledge that I'm not leaving in a week, as I did last year. Sabbatical was fun and I loved it; I also love this. So that's a GOOD thing!